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The Leaf Pin

The Leaf Pin The Leaf Pin The Leaf Pin

Why Oaktags?


Oaktags Leaf Pins Remember the One Who Fell From The Family Tree

This emblem is one all can relate to. 

The Mighty Oak - The Family Tree

It  has been well received. Those who have lost a relative, as well as those who have lost a part of their community, see it as a tender remembrance of their loved one.


Your Ad that Walks Around Town

If you mention the obituary while the family tree is pinned, they will continue to wear the lapel pins after the funeral. "Next time you go to the stadium, take Dad with you." 

They will come to see wearing their Oaktags pin 

as having Dad along, wherever they go.

When someone compliments the pin, it starts a conversation 

that leads to you and how thoughtful you were to have offered Oaktags, in their grief.


Show You Care

When a family suffers a loss, they aren't looking for 

the establishment with the best ball point pen or calendar. 

They are looking for a professional who cares.

The family gives you their loved one, to care for. 

Offer them their loved one in return.

Give them a simple leaf, with deep meaning.

Remembering the one who fell from the family tree.

Our Origins

A Leaf Found on the Sidewalk

A Leaf Found on the Sidewalk

A Leaf Found on the Sidewalk


After admiring tiny Pin Oak leaves scattered across the sidewalk after a storm, this one caught my eye.      It looks like a hug! 

Becomes a Pin

A Leaf Found on the Sidewalk

A Leaf Found on the Sidewalk


It was important for this quiet remembrance to be lovely for a woman, but also handsome, for a man to enjoy wearing.

With a Sentimental Poem

A Leaf Found on the Sidewalk

With a Sentimental Poem


Reading this poem creates the heart connection to our sense of belonging to something bigger. Forever, we are family.


A Grief Awareness Program

If Only I Had A Cast

It’s pretty easy to identify someone who has had a mishap and broken a bone. We see support all around them, assisting them while they heal. It may be a cast, a sling a pair of crutches, maybe a wheelchair; but, it’s visually present and reminds us to be gentler with those recovering from an event in which healing is needed. We are innately kinder and go out of our way to aid that person, knowing they aren’t fully themselves. Looking at them often makes us feel grateful for our normalcy.
Unfortunately, not all brokenness is visual. When one is in despair, lonely with grief, it doesn’t always manifest itself in a way that is recognized by others. Oftentimes, they seem perfectly normal, with nothing to make them appear anything different is going on behind their facade. They may be a tad grumpy, short-fused and distant; but they may also appear pleasant, warm, even comical.
While one tries to move through their grief, it is a labor to feel normal while walking through a huge void, as if the hole your heart has sucked you in and it is no longer in you, but you in it. It can be confusing to see the world swirling about you, going on as if nothing has changed. But it has. And what are you to do with that? You’ve already placed an ad in the paper announcing the change. That obituary explained you had a loss; didn’t it? Why doesn’t anybody ‘get it’? Why can’t they be patient with me, kinder, more understanding? The truth is, not everyone read that obituary. Those that did, paid their condolence and for the most part, have continued on with their lives, laying aside the reality of your continued struggle of oneness.
Does this sound like your life? Do you wish your broken heart had ‘a cast’ that people could see? It might be the answer we’ve been looking for, since widows stopped wearing black veils and widowers a black armband. The Oaktags memorial pin is the modern version of these emblems. Designed to honor ‘the mighty oak’ this oak leaf is worn to remember the one who fell from the family tree. The sighting of this pin could open conversation on a subject many have regarded as taboo; to speak of the dead. To hear their name and share a story, can bring healing to a broken heart.
Maybe, one day, we can look at someone wearing an Oaktags pin and express empathy for them and feel grateful for our normalcy.

Call to Action

You have an opportunity to make the post-death experience easier for those you serve.  Join the other establishments across the US who are identifying those who have someone on their heart and mind. 

An elegant emblem.

A whisper that life is changed.

A wonderful gift for: 

  • Bereavement Groups
  • Hospice Organizations
  • Area Churches

Excellent Advertising

  • Will Not Expire
  • Won't Run Out of Ink
  • Sets You Apart
  • Shows You Care

One phone call said,

        "Are you the funeral home 

          that has those leaf pins? 

            We want to go there."

Funeral Professionals Discover Personal Value


"I love my Oaktags pin!"

- Ken Caulder, Funeral Director

       Leavitt Funeral Home

       Wadesboro, NC