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The Leaf Pin

The Leaf Pin

The Leaf Pin The Leaf Pin The Leaf Pin

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Elegant, subtle identification

Each Leaf Pin Includes a Poem Card

Each Leaf Pin Includes a Poem Card


Comforting and Sentimental - This lapel pin has no gender, ethnicity or religious reference. Everyone relates to the family tree.

Each Leaf Pin Includes a Poem Card

Each Leaf Pin Includes a Poem Card

Each Leaf Pin Includes a Poem Card


This poem touches hearts. When read aloud while offering the pin, wearing it becomes more meaningful. It 'becomes' their loved one.

The Origins of the Oaktags Leaf Pin

Ruthann Disotell, Founder

It would be really neat to say Ruthann designed this leaf pin, but truth be told, a Creator far more divine accomplished that. Ruthann was just the one who discovered the fallen leaf on a sidewalk in Lambertville, New Jersey. When she picked it up, she thought it looked like a hug. Then it hit her. This is the emblem she had been waiting a dozen years for, something everyone could relate to - the Mighty Oak, the Family Tree.

With 50 years in funeral service, Ruthann has seen  traditions change. Years ago, black veils and armbands identified the mourners in a funeral home, but times have seen these emblems fade away. The one place where identification can still be found is at a Jewish service, where black kriah mourning ribbons are worn by the immediate family. 

Ruthann thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if every family were identified somehow? It should have no religious connotation, no ethnic identity and be something which would be lovely for a woman to wear but handsome enough a man would feel comfortable wearing it."  

The leaf was transformed into a memorial lapel pin families are honored to wear. The antique bronze finish of the Oaktags memorial pin makes it a subtle marker for others to discover. 

Signage by the guest register offers, those waiting to sign, information about this important aide put in place to help them locate those to whom they wish to offer condolence. 

The leaf pin is a treasured keepsake, worn every day, on family occasions or special outings.

Ruthann is a graduate of Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science and has devoted her career to designing environments, products and services for the care and comfort of the grieving; focusing on the relationships we share.

Ruthann Brown Disotell is a NJ
Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer  and a Life Celebrant.

Ruthann Brown Disotell is a NJ

Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer  and a Life Celebrant. 

How Folks Feel About a Little Leaf Pin


Identify Family to Callers

"As I get older, it is the deceased I knew and none of the family members. I want to pay respects, but at times I'm hesitant. Oaktags memorial pins identify the family. What a wonderful and unique answer."

- Maria G.

Lasting Keepsake

  "I love the pin. In fact, I am wearing it now. I love the words to describe the oak leaf and it being a memory to my mom.  I will treasure it for the rest of my life."

- Sandy H.

Grieving Tool

  “The offering of the 'leaf' pin was so thoughtful to myself and my  [10-year-old] granddaughter. She memorized the poem and wears the pin every day. It has brought her comfort, and she speaks about the leaf which has helped her begin to heal.”

- A mother's comment on a funeral home survey

Allows Our Past Loves to Be Present

  "I'll cherish my leaf you gave to us. I think it's a very touching memento, and I'm sure they'll be present during all the major holiday festivities."

- Jennifer P.

Adds Meaning to Special Family Events

"I married the love of my life this past December. Two very important members of our family would only be there in memory, my brother and Peter’s father. 

Oaktags was the answer to memorialize our missing family members. A family member on each side read the writing that came with the Oaktags pin in their memory. It was a beautiful way to remember our family members that are no longer walking with us."

- Melissa H.

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